No Walls in the Workers Struggle!

The message must be spread: every struggle is a workers struggle.


The International Workers Solidarity Network is an effort to organize a May Day every month to:


  • BUILD coordinated support to workers’ struggles locally, nationally, and internationally
  • RAISE consciousness about workers’ struggles everywhere
  • INVOLVE more people in workers’ solidarity efforts
  • SHOW that all struggles are workers’ struggles and workers’ struggles are central to every struggle
  • FIGHT against every effort to divide workers from each other. There are no walls in the working class struggle!
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ALERT: ICE off our buses! Build solidarity and worker power to end Greyhound collaboration with ICE!


Fight for Im/migrants and Refugees Everywhere (F.I.R.E.) & the International Workers Solidarity Network (IWSN) call for the immediate end of Greyhound’s collaboration with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

Everyday across the U.S., ICE, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Customs andf Border Patrol (CBP) agents freely board buses with Greyhound’s permission and attempt to identify and detain migrants. Greyhound is not required to allow immigration agents onto it’s buses, but rather does so voluntarily, conceding to the racist climate created by Trump to demonize migrant workers and divide working class people. It is imperative that all workers unite in solidarity to challenge this egregious collaboration with white supremacy by Greyhound.

About the International Workers Solidarity Network

The International Workers Solidarity Network (IWSN) — which is currently in formation — is building an international network of working class organizations and activists who understand that every struggle is a workers struggle and recognize the urgency of developing global working class solidarity.

The work of the IWSN will take many forms, and we invite organizations and individuals who agree with the call to action to join the network, contribute your experiences in the struggle, and share your ideas on how to develop and strengthen this work. Sign on now to join.Our activities will include but are not limited to:

  • Monthly Workers Solidarity Days — a May Day every month, unified by a theme, slogan, or day of activity — will initially be our main focus of work
  • Organizing new sections of the working class, especially those who are being radicalized by the misery, and inequality caused by capitalism
  • Preparing for mass struggle by activating the international network when a major upsurge breaks out — whether that is a strike by education workers, the movement of low-wage workers, a Black Lives Matter mobilization, response to the climate crisis, etc. — and broadening solidarity
  • Making a deliberate effort to raise the consciousness of our class, making them aware that they are in fact, in the working class
  • Organizing Workers Assemblies that bring together various sections of the working class, especially the most oppressed, to develop and mobilize workers’ power


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